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Slideshow of my Winter Break

Web 2.0

After reading the 3 articles, I have a much better idea about what exactly is meant by the term “Web 2.0” I thought that the best examples were about how open the internet has become. This openness allows for people to tell stories in all new ways and communications are much faster. With the emergence of commenting on posts, replying to a twitter feed, or posting a video response to a youtube video for example, people are much more open and ready to share their feelings. The example of e-mail could also be used, where many new technologies are possibly leading to the eventual death of the standard classic e-mail. With hundreds, if not thousands of new forms of communication, simpler and faster methods seem much more practical in an evolving era. I imagine that as the years pass, the modern technologies will also become almost obsolete as newer technologies prove better in an ever improving technological era.


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A Personal Cyberinfastructure

After viewing both the video and reading the short article I have come to the conclusion that there are amazing possibilities for the education world through use of the internet.  With the rise of digital use in the modern day and sites such as facebook and twitter, people are easily available to communicate with one another.  The usage of a personal cyberinfastructure would be ideal in my eyes and would vastly improve the learning system in some ways.  The part where Campbell discusses the possibilities that can be done through cpanel was very enlightening.  This video and article made me much more excited for this digital storytelling class and the learning experiences that can be achieved along with it.  Through the whole process of sharing and receiving info through various online media sources, the education system as a whole could definitely be improved on.  Having a personal website is a crucial first step in this process and offers an educational experience in itself.  Overall, the material from both the video and the article was very interesting and eye-opening.  I’m super excited about what we will be doing in the future with all of this technology available at our hands.

Blog Experimentation


So far I have experimented a LOT with my site and I’ve added a bunch of widgets.  I added this really cool clock thingy that tells the time (obviously) haha.  I also found a really cool theme which I think I might stick to.  With experimentation however comes risk.  While fooling around with some widgets, I do not know what in the world I did but My whole page got messed up and the background was completely white.  I was seriously freaking out because I had been working on my page for a couple hours only to have it all deleted.  But after deleting the theme and reinstalling it, if finally went back to normal.  Hopefully I’ll master the many aspects of customization pretty soon.



Introduction- Assignment 1

Hello All,

My name is Luis Pacheco and I’m a junior sociology major/linguistics minor at the University of Mary Washington.  As you can tell from my avatar/webpage, I am a huge fan of video games in general.  I find them to be entertaining, interactive, and overall great experiences.  On my blog, I plan on having a video game related theme going on.  Everything from reviews, soundtracks, new releases, etc.  Besides from that, I am also a huge fan of sports, mostly football, soccer, and tennis.  I play tennis and am actually a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, which I practiced for 8 years.

The other day I purchased a new video game, Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii.  Everything in this game is extremely nostalgic from the level design, music, and gameplay.  The difficulty is rather high, which I like because it makes it challenging.  The atmosphere is amazing and I think it has one of the greatest soundtracks seen yet on a Wii game.

The past week I made it to the final boss (which is not too creative), and it took me a while to defeat him.  You need to hit his weak points a total of 7 times, but I kept on dying after hiting him 6 times.  Of course this was quite frustrating, but after about 5 hours of continuous attempts, I finally beat the game.  Overall, the game was an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend it to any Wii owners out there.

Thats about it for my 1st post and I look forward to posting more things in the future.