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5 Card Flickr Story

Five Card Story: Terrible Tuesday

a ds106 story created by pakalko21

flickr photo by dr.coop

flickr photo by mglitzos

flickr photo by Cabbagepatch159

flickr photo by travisbishop4921

flickr photo by Intrepid Flame

Everything seemed to be going the wrong way on this specific Tuesday. First I wake up 3 minutes before class because my alarm didn’t go off so I showed up 12 minutes late looking like I just woke up. Then I have to go meet in the library with my group to work on a presentation for the next day. Nobody seemed to show much effort so we’ll see how it goes. After that, I return to my room and open my backpack and realize I left my lucky pencil in the library! So I have to go back and retrieve it and luckily it was still there! On my way back to my room, I step on gum, and what makes it even worse, I also step in a puddle that the rain made causing my new red Chucks to get wet. Ugh, I hope Wednesday is MUCH better!


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