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Top 10 Nintendo 3DS Launch Titles


Web Storytelling

For my website manipulation, I decided to change Pokebeach.com, which is basically a news site for all things Pokemon related. I changed the date, time, headers on the left side column, the card review on the right side, the quiz question, and some calendar events. I had a lot of fun with this and plan on learning more behind this to be able to do more complex things in the future. Click on the picture to access a full-size version of my masterpiece.

One of the most overlooked and sadly underrated types of music make their appearance within video games. These little gems of epicness have the potential of bringing joy to anyone’s ears. I could go on for days about some of my favorites but that would take too long. I posted just a few of my favorites on my Mixpod playlist on the left side of my page. Check some out and fall in love with some of these beautiful soundtracks!

Nintendo 3DS Review!

Final Project

For my final project for this Digital Storytelling class, I was trying to come up with ideas revolving video games. I was contemplating what ideas to use and I ended up narrowing it down to what it is. Basically what I’ll be doing is posting reviews of current video games, doing top ten lists revolving video game-related themes, and posting my favorite video game soundtracks. All of these forms of media will ultimately be my final project which I am very excited to get started on.

Pokemon Black & White Review

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!