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Tron is an arcade game that was released in 1982 along with a movie which the game is based on that also was released the same year. The game is pretty simple, you basically compete in one of 4 minigames, the most famous of these being the light cycles. In this minigame, the player controls a racer who battles against another racer. The “cars” create a” wall of light” from the back of their cars that create a long trail based on your movements.The goal of the game is the make your opponent “die” which can occur either through them hitting your wall of light know as your “light cycle” or by forcing them to either hit the outside boundary walls or trap them inside their own light cycle.

Here is classic footage of the original arcade game:

The sequel to the original 1982 movie came out last year and was named “Tron: Legacy”. The movie was again made by Disney and was shown in 3D in most theaters, having amazing graphics. Its truly amazing how they recreated the came through the movie and made the audience “experience” the game using the 3D effects.

Here is a short video that shows the interpretation of “the grid” in the new “Tron:Legacy” film:

Here is a link to a short clip from Tron: Legacy showing one of my favorite scenes where a Light Cycle battle is happening. If you haven’t yet seen the film, it includes some spoilers so be warned. It unfortunately won’t allow me to embed the video due to a request by the youtube user so here is the link:
Tron Light Cycle Scene


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