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Hello people! For my mashup, I decided to show the evolution of handheld Pokemon games to show how we got to what we have in the modern era. The video shows short clips of 5 different generations: Red/Blue, Gold/Silver, Ruby/Sapphire, Diamond/Pearl, and most recently, Black/White. The background music is the song “Stupify” by Disturbed. This assignment was loads of fun to do although finding gameplay footage I wanted to use in the video was rather time consuming, I’m rather pleased with what I found. Again, apologies for the watermark that reads “trial version”. The reason it’s there is because it’s a free version of the only program that I could get to work on my computer after about 7 others failed to work. I was inspired by many “AMV’s” that are posted on youtube, which are basically anime music videos. The evolution of the graphics and framerate is quite noticeable throughout the 5 generations and I thought it would be interesting to place them all in chronological order. To go along with the video, the audio chosen was done so to add to the intensity that is Pokemon battling. The intense guitar/vocals featured in ‘Disturbed’ songs go hand in hand with the video in my opinion and that’s why I chose it. Well, I hope you guys enjoy my final product which I uploaded on Youtube. For some of you guys, this may bring feelings of nostalgia so be have the tissue box at arms reach, haha. Well, without further ado, here it is: 5 Generations of Battling: The Evolution of Handheld Pokemon Games.

Comments on: "El Mashup: Pokemon vs. Disturbed" (1)

  1. haha, very cute.

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