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Video Game Icon: Mario

A History of Mario
First seen in: Donkey Kong (Arcade) 1981
Footage of Mario’s first appearance:

Being one of the most recognizable fictional icons in video games doesn’t happen overnight. Mario is arguably the most famous video game character in the world. Having appeared in over 200 games, it’s most likely that the average gamer has played a video game that features him. Being Nintendo’s official mascot, Mario appears in a wide variety of games, ranging from tennis, golf, kart racing, fighting, adventure, party, etc. His most famous game is undoubtedly Super Mario Bros., the game that really introduced the typical platformer. This game set a standard which arguably changed video games forever. I have even found a flash version of the game that you guys can play here:
Control Arrows: Move
A: Jump
S(hold) Run Fast
Arcade Games

Throughout the years, Mario’s graphics have also evolved a lot. Take a look for yourself:

Here is a video compilation of games that feature Mario:

The latest video game released for Nintendo’s Wii is Super Mario Galaxy 2. Some footage can be seen here.

The future looks very bright for video game fans and Mario as well. By growing a strong Mario fan base, Nintendo has successfully attracted many gamers to purchase their games. I can’t wait to see what possibilities can happen with the future of video games.

Just look at how far video game graphics have come. I can’t wait


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