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One of my absolute favorite video games of all-time has got to be The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. The creators took a big gamble in the creation of this game, opting to use cel-shaded graphics as opposed to realistic ones. This technique actually gave the game a distinct feel that I never quite felt in any other video game to date. The games’ soundtrack is one of my personal favorites of all-time and one you should definitely check out. If anything, one song in particular stands out far beyond the others. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that song would be the Dragon Roost Island theme. This song is an absolute masterpiece in my opinion as well as in many Zelda fans hearts. The theme plays once you arrive on an island in the game called Dragon Roost Island. The song itself has a very relaxing feel to it and almost makes me want to be on the beach. If I am ever stressed out I listen to this song and it immediately calms me down and transports my mind into a beautiful imaginary island free of work, stress, and any kind of problems. You must listen to this song before you die or else you aren’t human (just kidding). But anyways, I would like this song to gain more recognition and actually become known to the outside world. So without further ado, here it is:


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