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As many of you can obviously see from my previous posts, Pokemon is one of my favorite video game series of all-time. The game features a simple, yet unique soundtrack that can be repetitive or amazing at different times of the game. One of the greatest themes in these games is the music that plays when you face your rival. In any hand-held Pokemon game, the rival is always this rebellious asshole who always wants to be the best. The soundtrack fits in perfectly with the theme which includes, competition, jealousy, and intensity. The battles against your rival are always some of the most intense ones, from the first one right after you get your first Pokemon, all the way to when he eventually becomes the champion at the end of the game. The soundtrack is very nostalgic and this particular theme is easily recognized by Pokemon fans around the world. I have included two of the best Rival themes featured in Pokemon games, the original version from Red/Blue/Yellow, as well as the most recent version featured in Black/White. Well, here they are, enjoy!
The Original:

The Most Recent Version:

Comments on: "Favorite Video Game Music: Pokemon- Vs. Rival Theme" (1)

  1. Chrisb123 said:

    I feel like the other thing that this proved to me is how poor the graphics quality of the original Pokemon was (and back then we thought it was so cool!- it still is, but now it looks like a pixellated video game relic). I’m really glad you posted this, and you mentioned perfectly what this music does for any pop-culture exposed child that grew up in the 90s:gives us a feeling of nostalgia
    If Pokemon is still around for its decennial in 2016 (I have a feeling it will. After all, the power rangers are still around), I can’t wait to see what it looks/sounds like by then

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