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Favorite Video Game Music: Pokemon- Vs. Rival Theme

As many of you can obviously see from my previous posts, Pokemon is one of my favorite video game series of all-time. The game features a simple, yet unique soundtrack that can be repetitive or amazing at different times of the game. One of the greatest themes in these games is the music that plays when you face your rival. In any hand-held Pokemon game, the rival is always this rebellious asshole who always wants to be the best. The soundtrack fits in perfectly with the theme which includes, competition, jealousy, and intensity. The battles against your rival are always some of the most intense ones, from the first one right after you get your first Pokemon, all the way to when he eventually becomes the champion at the end of the game. The soundtrack is very nostalgic and this particular theme is easily recognized by Pokemon fans around the world. I have included two of the best Rival themes featured in Pokemon games, the original version from Red/Blue/Yellow, as well as the most recent version featured in Black/White. Well, here they are, enjoy!
The Original:

The Most Recent Version:

Favorite Video Game Music: Dragon Roost Island

One of my absolute favorite video games of all-time has got to be The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. The creators took a big gamble in the creation of this game, opting to use cel-shaded graphics as opposed to realistic ones. This technique actually gave the game a distinct feel that I never quite felt in any other video game to date. The games’ soundtrack is one of my personal favorites of all-time and one you should definitely check out. If anything, one song in particular stands out far beyond the others. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that song would be the Dragon Roost Island theme. This song is an absolute masterpiece in my opinion as well as in many Zelda fans hearts. The theme plays once you arrive on an island in the game called Dragon Roost Island. The song itself has a very relaxing feel to it and almost makes me want to be on the beach. If I am ever stressed out I listen to this song and it immediately calms me down and transports my mind into a beautiful imaginary island free of work, stress, and any kind of problems. You must listen to this song before you die or else you aren’t human (just kidding). But anyways, I would like this song to gain more recognition and actually become known to the outside world. So without further ado, here it is:


For my fandom project, I decided to use two things I love, Pokemon and cartoons strips. I took a cartoon that had no bubbles for what Charmander was saying and basically added my interpretation of his thoughts in the given scenario. The life of a Pokemon inside of a Pokeball has always been mysterious to me and I find this particular comic strip to be hilarious in it’s interpretation of it. Well here it is, my final product. Enjoy.

DS 106 Advice

For anyone taking DS 106 in the future I think the most important aspect you should understand before taking the course is that is requires a LOT of effort/time. It’s dangerous to imply that just because it’s a 100 level course, that it will be an easy grade. That is not the case at all, but It all depends on how much you put into your work. You get what you put in, so this class can go either extremely well, or extremely poor depending on your effort. The class itself is one of the greatest learning experiences I have personally ever had in terms of learning about technologies and being able to represent my works through various media. You’ll be surprised how many programs you use by the end of the class. The class itself it very unique in a sense that you basically have the freedom to blog/comment on whatever topic you like, but there are certain requirements you must fulfill. If you’re up for a great challenge/learning experience and are willing to put a lot of effort/time into a class, DS 106 is for you. Otherwise, be cautious because you are entering a class where it does not help at all to procrastinate. In the end, I think everyone reflects back on DS 106 and immediately thinks of how much they have learned through the multiple projects/assignments, but most of them didn’t come easy. Overall, I enjoyed DS 106 because it was an overall enormous learning experience. Although it did take a bunch of time/effort, it will definitely pay off in the long-run because I’ll be sure to take these newly acquired skills along with me for rest of my career.

Favorite Video Game Music: Mute City Theme

One of my favorite video game songs of all-time is from the F-Zero racing series by Nintendo. The theme plays on the “Mute City” stage and makes an appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The theme never fails to make me feel the intensity that racing at super high speeds should make you feel. As the gamer, you control a race car driver and try to finish in 1st place out of a total of 30 racers. Along the way, there are speed boosts, and hazards. The theme probably easily ranks in my top 10 favorites of all-time and I would like more people to listen to it. The series itself is severely underrated and for any racing fan out there who likes video games, I encourage you to try the F-Zero series out.

Listen to the epic song for yourselves here:

Video Game Icon: Mario

A History of Mario
First seen in: Donkey Kong (Arcade) 1981
Footage of Mario’s first appearance:

Being one of the most recognizable fictional icons in video games doesn’t happen overnight. Mario is arguably the most famous video game character in the world. Having appeared in over 200 games, it’s most likely that the average gamer has played a video game that features him. Being Nintendo’s official mascot, Mario appears in a wide variety of games, ranging from tennis, golf, kart racing, fighting, adventure, party, etc. His most famous game is undoubtedly Super Mario Bros., the game that really introduced the typical platformer. This game set a standard which arguably changed video games forever. I have even found a flash version of the game that you guys can play here:
Control Arrows: Move
A: Jump
S(hold) Run Fast
Arcade Games

Throughout the years, Mario’s graphics have also evolved a lot. Take a look for yourself:

Here is a video compilation of games that feature Mario:

The latest video game released for Nintendo’s Wii is Super Mario Galaxy 2. Some footage can be seen here.

The future looks very bright for video game fans and Mario as well. By growing a strong Mario fan base, Nintendo has successfully attracted many gamers to purchase their games. I can’t wait to see what possibilities can happen with the future of video games.

Just look at how far video game graphics have come. I can’t wait

Favorite Video Game Music: Lower Brinstar Theme

To go along with one of my favorite video games of all-time, Super Metroid, I present to you my favorite song from the game. The soundtrack is an absolute masterpiece in every aspect. The creepy/mysterious sound is supposed to make the player feel like they are truly lost alone in a remote planet without a GPS. The perfect balance of sound effects and ambiance make the Lower Brinstar Theme an instant classic. The creators of Super Metroid brilliantly incorporated the music to add to the overall excellent experience that they created in what many consider to be the best game of all-time.
Listen to the epic song for yourself:

El Mashup: Pokemon vs. Disturbed

Hello people! For my mashup, I decided to show the evolution of handheld Pokemon games to show how we got to what we have in the modern era. The video shows short clips of 5 different generations: Red/Blue, Gold/Silver, Ruby/Sapphire, Diamond/Pearl, and most recently, Black/White. The background music is the song “Stupify” by Disturbed. This assignment was loads of fun to do although finding gameplay footage I wanted to use in the video was rather time consuming, I’m rather pleased with what I found. Again, apologies for the watermark that reads “trial version”. The reason it’s there is because it’s a free version of the only program that I could get to work on my computer after about 7 others failed to work. I was inspired by many “AMV’s” that are posted on youtube, which are basically anime music videos. The evolution of the graphics and framerate is quite noticeable throughout the 5 generations and I thought it would be interesting to place them all in chronological order. To go along with the video, the audio chosen was done so to add to the intensity that is Pokemon battling. The intense guitar/vocals featured in ‘Disturbed’ songs go hand in hand with the video in my opinion and that’s why I chose it. Well, I hope you guys enjoy my final product which I uploaded on Youtube. For some of you guys, this may bring feelings of nostalgia so be have the tissue box at arms reach, haha. Well, without further ado, here it is: 5 Generations of Battling: The Evolution of Handheld Pokemon Games.

Retro Video Game Rewiew: Super Metroid

System: Super Nintendo

Released Date: April 18, 1994

Metroid is the lesser known franchise that often gets overshadowed by the likes of the Mario Bros. series, as well as the Legend of Zelda series. This saddens me, because in my opinion, Super Metroid easily belongs in the top 3 games of all-time. Basically, the main character is a bounty-hunter called Samus. Throughout the game, the player controls Samus, but doesn’t actually find out that she’s a female until she takes off her helmet. The plot is basically that Samus needs to kill an evil creature known as Mother Brain who controls evil creatures that take over a planet known as Zebes. Throughout the adventure title, Samus upgrades her power suit by defeating numerous bosses. As new items are acquired, Samus is able to explore new areas of the planet previously unreachable. The game features awesome music, gameplay, and most importantly, an epic storyline.

Graphics: 10
Sound: 10
Fun Factor: 10
Gameplay: 10

Overall: 40/40 = Masterpiece

Here is a speed-run of the entire game. He finished it in an hour, that’s insane! Check it out here:

Favorite Video Game Music: Dire, Dire Docks

One of my favorite video game songs of all time definitely has to be Dire, Dire Docks from the Nintendo 64 game, Super Mario 64.  To go along with one of the all-time classic video games of all time, this song adds even more to the legendary experience.  The music is often described as making many people feel very nostalgic because it is definitely one of the songs that stands out as being an all-out masterpiece.  I have even read some comments stating that some people “want this song to be played at their funeral”.  Yes, that is how much meaning this song has to some hardcore gamers.

Listen to the song for yourself here: