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DS 106 Advice

For anyone taking DS 106 in the future I think the most important aspect you should understand before taking the course is that is requires a LOT of effort/time. It’s dangerous to imply that just because it’s a 100 level course, that it will be an easy grade. That is not the case at all, but It all depends on how much you put into your work. You get what you put in, so this class can go either extremely well, or extremely poor depending on your effort. The class itself is one of the greatest learning experiences I have personally ever had in terms of learning about technologies and being able to represent my works through various media. You’ll be surprised how many programs you use by the end of the class. The class itself it very unique in a sense that you basically have the freedom to blog/comment on whatever topic you like, but there are certain requirements you must fulfill. If you’re up for a great challenge/learning experience and are willing to put a lot of effort/time into a class, DS 106 is for you. Otherwise, be cautious because you are entering a class where it does not help at all to procrastinate. In the end, I think everyone reflects back on DS 106 and immediately thinks of how much they have learned through the multiple projects/assignments, but most of them didn’t come easy. Overall, I enjoyed DS 106 because it was an overall enormous learning experience. Although it did take a bunch of time/effort, it will definitely pay off in the long-run because I’ll be sure to take these newly acquired skills along with me for rest of my career.